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Dr. Kerri Shandro

Kerri Shandro


Dr. Kerri Shandro

School: University of California at Davis, 1999

Special Interests: Dentistry, general medicine including cat and dog surgical procedures, abdominal ultrasound


Dachshund Pack: Reuben, Piper, Margot and an Irish wolfhound named Dillon

Kittens: Tammy, Bug, and GusGus

Long Dog Farm residents: cows, goats, chickens, ducks, and geese

Dr. Shandro grew up in Alberta, Canada and spent the first 25 years of her life being cold. There were always plenty of animals in her life and the dream of becoming a veterinarian started early. Kerri got a bit discouraged after high school however, when advisors kept stressing how hard it was to get accepted into veterinary school. So, she put my dream in the background and worked as a legal secretary for seven years while enjoying hobbies of training and showing Arabian horses and German Shepherd dogs. The next chapter of Kerri's life started in her mid-20s when she followed her family south to a new life in California. Kerri brushed off the cobwebs from that dream she had set aside years ago and began the academic journey to veterinary school. Kerri had great mentors along the way, who not only helped guide her when her goal seemed too far away to be realized, but also stressed the importance of maintaining a balanced life with a sense of good humor.

Dr. Shandro graduated from vet school at UC Davis in 1999 and went to work at a busy general practice in Los Altos, CA where she continued to receive excellent mentoring and training. Kerri was always encouraged to try new skills and expand her education. Over the years Kerri has developed a special interest in dentistry which continues to be her passion. Dr. Shandro has received advanced training in the treatment of dental diseases and now acts as an instructor for veterinarians in several practices. In 2014 Kerri relocated to Bend, Oregon and when she met the Central Oregon Veterinary Group she felt like things were a great fit and has enjoyed being a part of the team since then.

Outside of work Kerri now stays busy with a small farm, participating in a variety of dog sports, and relaxing with friends.